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Confédération européenne des Pouvoirs Locaux Intermédiaires (CEPLI) /European Confederation of Local Intermediate Authorities

Since its creation, the cohesion policy has given the territories decisive access to Europe by enabling local authorities to participate in the European Union area integration project beyond national frameworks. Our intermediary local authorities play a key role in this process in each member state.
The presidents of national associations representing intermediary local authorities, legitimate and recognised representatives of the states and Europe, have decided to join forces to:
  • increase our involvement and participation in the European decision-making process;
  • reinforce the consistency and visibility of our activities in the European area;
  • facilitate cooperation between our intermediary local authorities;
  • establish the continuous exchange of information and good practices between our regional authorities.

The European confederation of intermediary local authorities (Confédération Européenne des Pouvoirs Locaux Intermédiaires) will take the form of a European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation (EGCT) or any form that will:

  • with European legal status, have the capacity to directly represent its members and their interests at European level;
  • being grouped within a single body, facilitate the delivery of common European projects;
  • create the conditions for direct European-level dialogue with institutions in charge of programmes and major regional policies;
  • create the conditions for direct dialogue with other European associations and NGOs grouping local and regional authorities;
  • create better provisions for receiving future national organisations of intermediary authorities subsequently joining us.
 Following the Political Conference of Berlin,   on 9 - 10 November 2010  , the CEPLI Bureau is composed by:
  • President: Giuseppe Castiglione, President of the Union of Italian Provinces, President of the Province of Catania (Italy) and member of the Committee of Regions' Bureau
  • Premier Vice-President: Paul-Emile Mottard, President of the Association of Walloon Provinces and Provincial Deputy of Liège (Belgium)
  • Secretary General: Claudy Lebreton, President of the Assembly of French Counties, President of the General Council of Cotes d'Armor (France)
  • Treasurer: Helmut Jahn, Member of the Board of the German County Association, President of Landkreistag Baden Wurtemberg and Member of the CoR