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The GLOBAL LOCAL FORUM think tank : an international network

Created in Dakarin 2008, Global Local Forum is an international ‘laboratory of ideas’ which aims to contribute to mutual development between territories, reflect and stimulating innovative forms of cooperation, as well as re-aligning the economy to serve the people in the dialogue between territories. It gathers members from 32 countries on all the continents that look beyond their ideological convictions, their beliefs, and their own limits, to generate collaborative diagnoses on the key-role of territories as crucibles of human progress and sustainable economic development. This work takes place against the backdrop of aspirations for fairer a distribution of global public goods, and a new more dynamic strategy in the field – one closer to everyday realities and to the well-being of the majority of the world’s population.


This mutual development can be based on a participatory approach of various forms only if they are not imposed from a “top down” process or from the "outside." While we observe the reinforcement of new competitions based on attractiveness, economic development, but also, issues of social cohesion or cultural diversity, developing territories owe their development less to outside support than to the existence of an intelligent, proactive or strategic dynamic. This phenomenon tends to be increasing.  

Until now, strictly thematic or sectorial approaches, lead, most often, to strengthen boundaries of all kinds. An addition of unrelated projects is not development. It is sometimes the opposite, especially if they are brought without the knowledge of political and economic responsibilities, on both local and national scales. Because they have a role of "turnkey", local and territorial authorities have the ability to move their forces to serve a social, sustainable and shared economic development in accordance with the states policy. Considering the territory is considering the reality, the potential of local development - or endogenous - by identifying real issues with people and actual or potential 'actors', including those from the outside. "Migrants" are part of this dynamic.

This requires a search for synergies and a capacity to anticipate (prospectively) but also a continuous monitoring (business intelligence) in order to decide and act. This implies that prospective experts in prospective and business intelligence are able to discuss the issues related to economic development, attractiveness of territories, territorial marketing. To foster interactions is to fuel innovation. The dynamics of sustainable development, as the new practices of local economy, are new assets, which have to be strengthened along with the development of a global economy. The multi-level governance, as promoted by the Committee of Regions of the European Union and the OECD as well as by the Economic and Monetary Union of West Africa (UEMOA) in particular, is at the heart of the process.

Thus, this website is multilingual. It will gradually open up, if necessary, to others in terms of both the commitment and the use of Global Local Forum participants, but also the dynamism of its correspondents and local and regional groups. To this end, correspondents and Local and Regional Groups, in accordance with the objectives of GLF are the main actors who produced works carried out in networking, in order to present analysis, concrete and constructive proposals. These include the cultural diversity that makes the complexity but also the wealth of this world both locally and globally.

The creation of new Groups is committed by the authorities of Global Local Forum, which provide technical support, and check the consistency and relevance of the project. The chosen approach is also evaluated on a regular basis. Each geographical group can lead or contribute to the work of focus groups, involving all interested relevant groups and correspondents with the partners concerned. This work may lead to publication with the support of the General Secretariat of GLF in Paris and Dakar.

The members of the initiative group come from 32 different countries and all continents. They chose to mix origins and professions for an intersectional approach and abundant, excluding all forms of sectarianism. Thus, Artists, philosophers and journalists join economists, historians and geographers, development actors, state officials and local officials, professionals of local or international action...

Discussion meetings, focus groups and geographical themes, editorial and event productions: Global Local Forum is built around a network of international correspondents and Groups GLF, seeking with ambition but with modesty, to identify and better understand the work done by others on all continents.

That is the purpose of the Local Global Forum: the economy serving the people in the dialogue between territories.